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 At ABD Office Machines, we donít have traditional high-pressure sales personnel.

Here, we have industry expert consultants that will propose a TOTAL SOLUTIONS package that will meet your needs.   Nothing more, and nothing less.   Our Xerox line of imaging systems are robust and scalable, meaning you can always expand as necessary (upgrade/add modules).   Xerox has designed quite an expandable open architecture system.

Our consultants have IT or technical backgrounds, and still perform functions in those areas.    A key part of their time is spent on service analysis, IT installation, and other hands-on activities.   They maintain service certification on the complete line of equipment that we sell.

With hands-on experience on the equipment, they can easily relate to the functions and needs of the clients.    From scanning, document storage, copying, network printing, to high end color, ABD Office Machines has the solution for you.

Historically, Xerox has been a household name, being the pioneer of many technological advances, from the first photocopier, the mouse, and the first color laser copier.   Today, Xerox is still at the top of the Imaging Solutions arena.  They have the best quality COLOR OUTPUT.   Most printers/digital business centers use Xerox equipment for both their Color and Monochrome Requirements.

Being a small, independent, family-based business of over 30 years, we know efficiency and have the perseverance to succeed.   We provide our clients with the best possible equipment at the best value.


In support of Xerox's environmental leadership goals, Xerox product models may be newly Manufactured, Remanufactured, or Factory Produced New Models, each of which contains both new components and reprocessed components that are reconditioned.

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