Managed Document Services

Managed Document Services (MDS) is one of the best business solutions that we, at ABD Office Solutions, has to offer to our clients. This service focuses on optimizing a business's entire document output process from capturing to archiving files, document workflows to security, and even environmental impact. Its process offers a holistic approach that makes it a unique and vital strategy perfect for businesses that want to look for the ideal document solution that reduces costs.

ABD Office Solutions' Managed Document Services can identify your document output costs to optimize your entire business potential while reducing your overall output cost by around 30%. It also offers a wide range of services, acting as a single source, to eliminate the frustration and time-wasting dealing process with numerous vendors. Overall, our Managed Document Services is designed to streamline your output management, reduce your IT's workload, and cut the environmental impact of your printers and MFPs.

This makes the Managed Document Services that perfect business solution for a more efficient, economic, and environmentally-friendly document output.

Why choose Managed Document Services?

Our Managed Document Services is a total business solution that works to optimize your entire output process, including hardware, document workflow, and staff productivity, regardless of the printers and MFPs' brand. It is designed to be a single and reliable source where your business can get all the output management services.

Here are the several benefits your businesses can get from our Managed Document Services:

  • It offers efficient management of consumables through a wide range of Supplies Management services.
  • Reduces stress by preventing downtime and arranging everything your business need for any printer or multifunction device in your office.
  • Optimizes your document output environment by ensuring that everything works together effectively and efficiently.
  • It offers a holistic approach to determine hidden costs and possible savings by providing a detailed analysis of your business' current set up.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by disclosing the weak points in your output environment, and then develop solutions to improve your document workflow.
  • Increases productivity while reducing the environmental impact of running your printers and MFPs.

How to inquire for our Managed Document Services?

ABD Office Solutions' Managed Document Services is not just for large corporations. Its services can also benefit small to medium-sized companies, who want to look for a way to achieve significant cost reductions.

To inquire about how you can apply for our Managed Document Services, you can send us an email at You can also call us at 877-303-6123 or 951-356-7727.

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