Remote IT Support

ABD Office Solutions provides IT support to further assist our customers with their printers. Our IT support includes the following:

  • printer installation/reinstallation
  • driver installation
  • printer connection
  • error codes
  • network printer setup
  • scan printer setup
  • wireless printer setup
  • basic printer setup
  • fax forwarding configuration
  • Printer Auditron/ Billing Code


Our IT personnel primarily uses AnyDesk to access your PC and provide support remotely. Click the AnyDesk image link below to download the remote support application.



Aside from AnyDesk, our IT support also uses TeamViewer as an alternative. Click the TeamViewer image link below to download the remote support application. 

TeamViewer for Windows TeamViewer for Mac


For more inquiries, call us at 877-303-6123 or via our local number, 951-356-7727. You can also reach us via our Live Chat by clicking the button on the bottom right of your screen. You can also email us at sales@abdofficesolutions.

ABD Office Solutions have been in the office equipment industry for over 30 years, so we can guarantee that we have the experience and expertise to help your printing problems. Our IT personnel and in-house technicians were all trained by brand manufacturers, and are fully qualified to provide service and maintenance to all our products.

Our main goal is to provide our clients and customers with quality after-sales. To do this, we promise our clients to provide everything they need until they attain an ideal document workflow.

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