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Warranty and Exchanges

ABD Office Solutions, Inc. sells brand new, demo unit or floor models, and refurbished machines. For over 25 years of experience in refurbishing copiers, multi-function printers, and production digital presses, the company ensures that every customer will be provided with a high-quality product through a rigorous refurbishing process.

Refurbished copiers are subjected to full inspection and reconditioning procedures including:

1. Check and replace worn out machine parts or components.

2. Follow the paper’s pathway and check for paper jamming

a. In each paper trays including

i. Multi-purpose or manual feed trays

ii. Standard paper trays

b. In automatic document feeders (if equipped)

3. Test and inspect copy print quality

4. Check different document print source by connecting the machine in a wired network including but not limited to Windows 8 environment with normal setting for DHCP IP address.

5. Check finishing options including stapling, booklet-making, and folding (if equipped)

6. Configuration page, supplies status, and sample video of machine operation are provided upon customer request.

Copiers are devices that utilize significant electrical source. Some models utilize 20amp while others require 220 volt. These cases requires dedicated outlets/20 amps with special type of plugs. It is the customer's responsibility to have ample electrical source for the devices.

Warranties differ with the condition of the machine purchased; 90-day labor and parts warranty is offered for brand new items, and 30-day parts warranty for other item conditions. ABD Office Solutions, Inc. is not liable, in any case the machine shows declined performance or shows usual wear-and-tear after the warranty has elapsed. Warranty starts upon the receipt of the unit. In rare cases, it requires service within the 30-day parts warranty period, ABD Office Solutions, Inc. may be able to do a remote diagnosis (video conference) should it be needed and/or requested.

ABD Office Solutions, Inc. highly recommends customers to avail (in addition to existing warranty, especially with refurbished machines) a maintenance contract with a copier local service provider. ABD Office Solutions, Inc. offers service maintenance to Southern California customers that cover labor, parts, preventive maintenance kits and supplies.The supplies, including toners, drums, and fusers are provided as-is and have no warranty. More often than not, refurbished machines have an average of 30% consumables (toners and drums). The account representative can always check the remaining consumables for the customer. The company also offers these supplies for sale at additional costs.

All machines sold by ABD Office Solutions, Inc. are non-refundable. ABD Office Solutions, Inc. only accepts machine exchanges if any circumstance the machine demonstrates with provision of documents and proofs:

1. Machine received is damaged due to shipment/delivery. If substantial damage is noted upon inspection, customer has the right to refuse the shipment/delivery. Do not unpack damaged pallets or crates.

2. Machine received does not match the brand/model/description in the invoice.

ABD Office Solutions, Inc. only accepts exchanges within the 10 days of machine delivery.

For machine exchange, you may return the machine to:

Depending on location of equipment (city/state), the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary.

Any questions, please make sure to contact your account representative  at 1-877-303-6123.

Thank You.