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Analyzing the Office Printer Use

Printers, as partners of computers, are often used in the office place. Whether your working in a home office or business office environment, there will always be a busy printer at work. What could be the typical printing jobs of office laser printers or Xerox copiers? A study was made to know the habits of office workers on these paper works.

The most common office print job that you may encounter includes the following:

  • Consists of four pages
  • Printed from Microsoft Word
  • Printed on plain paper, either legal or letter size
  • The time of printing is between 8 AM and 6 PM
These examples are the ones that are regularly done in an office. Let’s quickly discuss it one-by-one.

Most paper works reach four pages making sure that the ideas and contexts in these are enough to make the printed material concise. This is the average number for printed office works to ensure the conservation of paper and ink or toner cartridge while providing the right information for the reader. Meanwhile, the Microsoft Word is the usually the main software used for creating text materials whether personal or office type. So it is not surprising that it is one of the most common tools in printing jobs.

On the other hand, plain paper mainly the legal or letter size are the most convenient types of materials for printing so it is also commonly seen and used in the office area. Lastly, the time of printing between 8 AM and 6 PM is very reasonable because most businesses run at these times.

Once you enter your workplace, try to see the usual printing habits that you and your workmates do.

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