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  Have you ever heard of the term production printer? These printers are more popularly known as commercial printers or digital presses. Unlike workgroup printers or office printers, production printing machines are designed for the commercial industry. Industries that require a piece of equipment with a high printing volume or have the ability to print on larger paper sizes such as SRA3 or A3+.Industries such as publishing companies, architectural, construction, banks, finance, and insurance companies are the usual ones that need production printers in their offices. This is because these machines have the right features to print architectural blueprints, bank...

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Newspaper, books, magazines, and other reading materials would have not been possible if printing wasn't invented. That's why for today's article, we're going to share a short summarization of the interesting history of printing and how it had evolved throughout the centuries. Around 600 A.D. Before the invention of ink and paper, the ancient Chinese used to carved on blocks of wood to print texts. Each page of their book was carved on a block of wood. Although it was considered as a tedious process, it remains as a significant breakthrough in creating multiple copies of the same text. Around...

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Smartphones have made our lives easier. Through mobile apps, we can now quickly do random stuff including printing documents from one location to another. That’s why for today’s article, we’re listing down the best mobile printing apps that you can download for free on Google Play Store.

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If you’ve searched the keyword “printers” in Google, it’s most likely that you have stumbled upon articles comparing inkjet printers and laser printers. These are the two types of printers you can find in the market; inkjet printers are those printing machines that use inks to print while laser printers are printing machines that use toner powder instead. Although we’d love to make a comparison between these two printing machines, we only want to focus our attention on laser printers first.

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Xerox as one of the pioneers in the printing industry had developed plentiful innovations over the years especially with their imaging technology. One of these innovations is Xerox Solid Ink Technology or Solid Ink Digital Imaging Technology, an award-winning color printing technology only available to selected Xerox printing devices. 

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