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In need of a new office copier, but confused with all the options that the market has to offer? ABD Office Solutions, the total document workflow solutions provider, created this short and helpful video to guide you. To further explain, below is a thorough guide about the things you should know when buying a copier. These tips intend to help you buy the ideal copier suited for your office needs and demands. 

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Multifunction printers are a wise investment for your business. Not that they only let you produce actual copies of important files and documents digitally stored in your desktop computers or mobile devices, they also improve the document workflow in your working environment thus helping to boost the productivity and efficiency in the office.

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  Have you ever heard of the term production printer? These printers are more popularly known as commercial printers or digital presses. Unlike workgroup printers or office printers, production printing machines are designed for the commercial industry. Industries that require a piece of equipment with a high printing volume or have the ability to print on larger paper sizes such as SRA3 or A3+.Industries such as publishing companies, architectural, construction, banks, finance, and insurance companies are the usual ones that need production printers in their offices. This is because these machines have the right features to print architectural blueprints, bank...

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Having an accessible printing machine near at hand in the office is a very vital thing to achieve a consistent and productive document workflow. But buying a printing machine, either a laser printer, inkjet printer or multifunction peripheral, isn’t as easy as you think it is. There are certain factors you need to consider which will be able to help you pick the perfect printer unit that will suit your working environment and deliver your printing needs.

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Despite the mass digitization, offices still see the need for printing documents as a form of records, hard copies, or simply because it's efficient and makes the job easier. If your office is looking for a printing machine, but have no idea how or what to search for then we got you covered.

Here’s a short video from us at ABD Office Solutions to help you buy the perfect printer for your office:

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