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Despite the mass digitization and use of paperless technology, business still sees the need to print and copy documents as part of the document workflow. If your office happens to be looking for a new office copier, but do not have the slightest idea which machine or model to buy?

Well, ABD Office Solutions is here to help you. Today, we listed down 10 of the best office copiers in the market right now. All these copiers have the standard features to help improve your business productivity and workflow while delivering professional-quality copies and prints.

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It’s 2019, and everything seems to run in digital. Everywhere you go, files are now stored and transferred through devices or the use of the cloud. But still, why do businesses still buy copiers or workgroup printers for their document workflow?

There are several factors as to why businesses still need office printers or copiers. To further explain this point, we listed three of the main factors as to why entrepreneurs still invest in office copiers and printers for their businesses.

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In one of our articles last week, we discussed leasing and why its a smart move for companies or businesses to consider it when buying their office equipment. Today, we’re going to help answer the most common questions buyers asked about copier leasing.

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If you’re planning to buy an office copier, you’ve probably heard of the term refurbished copiers as a cost-alternative option. Refurbished copiers are used units that are improved and revamped by certified technicians, so they work as good as brand new units. And when I say refurbished, this also means that the copier unit has been inspected, cleaned, re-engineered, and all damaged parts are replaced. These machines all then go under quality tests before being offered to a customer.

Aside from the fact that, refurbished machines also comes with several benefits including the following:

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Monochrome or black-and-white multifunction (MFP) laser printers are probably the most economical printers you can buy in the market, in terms of productivity and running costs. This type of printer is designed for small offices to mid-size workgroups that only prints black-and-white documents, but also needs a machine that can copy, scan, and fax documents. 

If you happen to be looking for a black-and-white MFP, then you might want to check out this list we created. Below are five of the best black-and-white or monochrome all-in-one laser printers for small offices and workgroups, designed to deliver the needs of their document workflow.

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