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Choosing the Right Multifunction Printer for Your Office

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In a fast-paced, competitive environment we have in the present, the necessity to be able to perform multi-task doesn’t primarily apply only to employees but as well as in office machines. Multifunction printers, also known as MFPs, are office peripherals that don’t only offer printing functions, but also deliver basic functions like fax, scan, copy and web features you can find on other devices. With their multifunction functions, MFPs also gained the term “all-in-one” printers in the market.

You see, multifunction printers are a wise investment for your business. Not that they only let you produce actual copies of important files and documents digitally stored in your desktop computers or mobile devices, they also improve the document workflow in your working environment thus helping to boost the productivity and efficiency in the office.

And if in case, you’re planning to acquire a multifunction printer for your business or office, you should consider some important key points in determining the right multifunction printer in your workplace.

Here are significant vital points you should take note of:


    It is the most important factor to consider and mull over when buying a multifunction printer. Some MFPs offer all of the five functions that were stated earlier (print, copy, fax, scan, e-mail) while other MFPs offer limited functions which only includes print, copy and scan. Therefore, you must think and weigh the features you need in your office to figure if you should buy a fully-featured MFP or a standard MFP instead.


      Aside from its functions, MFPs also includes many features and programs that are primarily designed to help the users optimize the machines easily. Some features also offer security measures and connectivity support such as HP ePrint, AirPrint and CloudPrint, so users can print directly from their mobile gadgets by connecting them to the network and gaining access to the MFP’s network program.


      This might be the first thing one would consider buying an MFP. So let me enlighten you, about the price differences of these MFPs. Fully-featured MFPs mostly costs a lot compared to standard MFPs who only offers three of the basic functions. Several MFPs are also expensive compared to others because of their added features and paper-trays. Another thing, inkjet MFPs costs lower than laser MFPs.

      On-Going Cost

        Aside from the unit’s price, one should also take note of the on-going costs he/she would spend in maintaining the MFP. Inkjet MFP’s printer cartridges are inexpensive but offer a lower page yield, while laser toner cartridges for laser MFPs have a higher page yield but may be too expensive. Some laser MFPs also have separate fuser and drums that should be replaced once in a while.

        Document Workflow

          Although you may now have an idea in pointing out the perfect MFP that suits you. You should take in mind that the MFP should be able to meet the demand and the number of documents you need daily. This will let you optimize your chosen MFP, to guarantee that you get the best of what you pay for.

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