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Choosing Your Printer Paper


Any printer can actually print on various printing materials including specialty papers and labels. Whatever you wish to create, you can actually do it with the right materials of course. So how do you choose the proper printer paper for your material?

Here are a few things that you must consider to save your printer’s performance and ink cartridge too.

Specific Printer Paper:

There are a lot of papers available in the market for your printing needs. You must carefully read the purpose of a specific printer paper to avoid bad printouts. Also, two of the important factors for choosing the right material are absorption and brightness.


Remember that the less absorption of ink, the better printouts. Inks spread on the paper so when it absorbs too much of the ink, it may look soggy or messy. There are papers that have wax or coating that prevents too much ink absorption. However, higher resolution will be needed to create a good printed material from coated papers.


When a paper looks brighter and smoother, your images printed on it will also be clearer and the colors will look better. Try those that offer bright printouts for your pictures and special printouts.

For even better-printed files, use trusted remanufactured cartridges that would match your printer’s performance.

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