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Go Green with Solid Inks

solid inks

Solid ink is a type of ink made in solid sticks that substitute printer cartridges in printers. Xerox started it in the year 1991 which has been developed to suit the printing needs of its users. Many have tried to adopt the Xerox solid inks because of the benefits that it offers especially for the environment.

The solid ink innovation is considered as an eco-friendly printing system because it does not use any cartridge as a container. Instead, the ink is a firm block that is placed in its corresponding slot inside the printer. The increasing temperature in the printer melts the ink to create the printouts needed by the user. When it is completely consumed, it leaves a disposable plastic container and a reusable storage box. It is stated that printing costs can be decreased by 60% in using solid inks and the waste produced is lowered by 90%.

This unique ink product saves a lot on the expense of the user since the printing cost is very low, plus there are remanufactured inks made available by third party stores even to lessen the money spent on replacing inks.

Although there are some disadvantages made by the solid inks such as lack of ultraviolet resistance and clogging print heads, these are minor problems that can be fixed by proper printing and maintenance.

Now that everyone is trying to go green; using eco-friendly printer supplies like solid inks is a great idea to help the environment.

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