Kyocera Evolution Series Continues in Black & White

 Kyocera’s New Evolution Color Series


Kyocera is introducing four new models to its Evolution Black and White Series. It is a range of robust, versatile platforms that have been built to last. Combining cutting-edge technology and Kyocera’s expertise, these intuitive, user-friendly monochrome devices will drive your productivity to new levels.

These new models include the following A3 black and white MFPs:

The Kyocera Evolution Black and White Series includes these outstanding features: (1) speeds of up to 40, 50, 60 and 70ppm, (2) fast and productive scanning up to 274 ipm, (3) Z-Fold/Inserter Unit finishing capabilities, and (4) the most up-to-date security enhancements.


Effortless User Experience

Over-complicated printer controls can drain valuable time and can impact your business' overall productivity. The Kyocera Evolution Series puts an end to that problem. These new black and white MFPs features a user interface that has been redesigned to minimize confusion and maximize capabilities, to allow printing that is easy and intuitive.


Kyocera TASKalfa Evolution Series

With more large-scale cyberattacks hitting the headlines every day, security is a greater concern than ever before. Businesses must preemptively prepare for potential risks by equipping themselves with solutions that ensure data and networks are constantly protected.

The Kyocera Evolution Series comes with a whole range of new security enhancements:

  • Certificates - Devices keep themselves up to date with latest security certificates, and use encrypted communications to validate their certificates. (SCEP & OCSP/CRL).
  • Encryption - Protect emails with authentication, digital signatures and encryption. A faster way to keep data secure in your network (S/MIME & TLS version 1.3).
  • Device Management - You will have the ability to log security events and monitor for malware, data leakage and other security breaches. (SIEM).


Kyocera TASKalfa Evolution Series

By addressing and tackling pains at each stage of the document lifecycle, these TASKalfa devices help turn past weaknesses and blind spots into new value-adding opportunities for your organization.

The Kyocera Evolution Series empowers companies to maximize productivity like never before with these features:

  • High Performance - Fast print and scan speeds for maximum efficiency.
  • Paper Capacity - Less time filling paper trays means more time for quality work.
  • Digitization - Transform your workflows faster while pivoting to a paperless workspace.
  • Durability - Long-lasting toners ensure professional quality that lasts.
  • Proven Quality - Our devices have earned industry recognition for their reliability.
  • Optimal Security - Enjoy some of the most advanced security technology on the market today.



Kyocera has risen to the challenge with brand-new finishing capabilities for 60/70ppm devices. Check these finishing options for the Kyocera Evolution Series:

  • ZF-7100 Z-Fold Option - This functionality enables you to add “z-folded” sheets into your documents. This includes diagrams, charts and other larger sheets that need to be folded into a 8.5” x 11” sized booklets.
  • IS-7100 Inserter Unit Option - The Inserter Unit avoids the need for pre-printed sheets to go through the high-temperature fusing process at the MFP, thus ensuring that the pre-printed sheets won’t get destroyed or melted.
  • Staple Finishing Option - The Kyocera Evolution Series also boasts 4,000 sheet staple finisher options that support 65 and 100 sheet stapling and 2/3 hole-punching for clean, professional looking output so that more jobs can be kept in-house even in the most demanding of work environments.


The Kyocera Evolution Series makes it possible to combine eco-friendly printing with greener and more intelligent digital processes, so that your daily work has a reduced carbon footprint. Your growth doesn’t have to cost the environment.

Check these eco-friendly features:

  • New Toner Design Helps Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Energy-saving Sleep Mode
  • Increased Eco-credentials
  • Increased Productivity


For further information about the Kyocera TASKalfa Color Evolution Series, feel free to call us at 951-356-7727 or email us at

Kyocera TASKalfa Black and White Evolution Series

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