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Sharing Your Network Printer

There are times when purchasing a lot of printers for office space can cause too much expense on an employer. Even the consumption of inks and toners would be very costly. So how do you solve this problem when you only have one printer for everyone?

The solution: printer sharing. 

Printer sharing is an operational system that allows several computer users to print using a single printer connected to the computers. This is very useful for those who want to save on space and money of course. To enable this system, you have to configure the network setting in the control panel. Once you’ve done this, install the printer on the computers as a networked multifunction printer. When you are doing this, your computer will guide you with the proper steps. Maybe a problem that you can encounter is when your printer is not network-enabled, which is rare nowadays.

You can also fix this by using a switch box device that would connect a printer to numerous computers. Even so, check your printer’s manual first to be certain that you would cause any damage to your machine.

Office space can consume a lot of papers and inks or toners, so using the printer sharing system can provide convenience and savings on its users. You can also use remanufactured toners that are low priced yet with high-quality printing to gain more value and help nature too.

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