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The Most Common Questions About Copier Leasing

copier leasing

In one of our articles last week, we discussed leasing and why its a smart move for companies or businesses to consider it when buying their office equipment. Today, we’re going to help answer the most common questions buyers asked about copier leasing.

Why should you lease a copier?

Copier leasing is a great way to save money. Instead of shelling out a large amount of money to buy an office copier, through leasing you can instead pay the machine in monthly installments. Through copier leasing, either you or the machine supplier will contact a leasing company who will take care of the outright purchase and then lease the machine to your company. You, on the other hand, will have to pay the leasing machine every month with a fixed amount to settle your debts until the end of the contract.

The best part about copier leasing is that it usually comes with a service maintenance agreement. A service maintenance agreement means that the machine supplier will be the one taking care of your copier’s supplies, maintenance, and repair service including replacing parts. All things considered, this makes it a smart investment for offices and large companies alike.

Is it better to buy than lease?

There are a lot of factors why it is better to lease than buy a copier unit, especially if your business is just starting. First and foremost, it saves your company money which you can use for other important matters like expansion or inventory costs. Its less of a hassle, especially if your leasing contract comes with a service maintenance agreement. All your repair, maintenance, and supply issues will be taken care of by the machine supplier. Last but not least, is it avoids copier obsolescence. What does this mean? Once your leasing contract ends, you return the copier back to the leasing company and start a new leasing contract to get a newer and faster copier unit.

How much will leasing cost me?

The leasing costs actually depend on several factors, but to give you an idea, most companies pay between $100 to $200 or more per month. To come up with the leasing cost, companies calculate the initial cost of the copier unit, its printing or usage costs, monthly basis charge, IT setup, delivery, and its current fair value market or dollar buyout value. The copier supplier also sends a copy of the quotation so you can study the cost and value.

What is the difference between leasing and renting a copier?

When you lease a copier, a third-party company or leasing company is involved. They are the one who buys the copier unit at full price from the office machine supplier. You, on the other hand, will be paying them on a monthly term for a specific period (24 months, 36 months, or 48 months) until your leasing contract ends. When it comes to rental, you actually rent the copier machine from the supplier. There will be no leasing company involved in the process.

What type of copier should I lease?

The type of copier you should lease actually depends on the document needs of your office or business. Some offices only need a copying machine, while there are some who needs an all-in-one unit or a multifunction machine that can copy, print, and scan. There are also those that need a copier machine that can be connected to a network, either through ethernet cables or wireless. Another thing you should also consider is the printing volume and speed of the machine. Do you want a unit that can handle a large volume of printing and copying or a copier that can handle a mid-size volume of paperwork? List down such specifics to come up with the right machine you should lease. You can also request for a printer quotation if you have the slightest idea about what unit you want.

How long should I lease a copier?

Most office machine suppliers, like ABD Office Solutions, are the ones who handle all the leasing processes from getting the leasing company all the way to the leasing quotation. All you need to do is contact them and inquire about their leasing service.

What do I get from copier leasing?

Copier leasing gives offices and clients a cost-alternative option to get a copier machine without the need to cut out a part of their company budget. It also provides company and offices a less-of-a-hassle experience in owning a copier unit thanks to its bundled service maintenance agreement. And lastly, if ever their leasing contract ends, they can always lease new equipment with better functions, printing speed, and image quality than their old one.


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