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Tips on Buying Office Printing Machines

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Having an accessible printing machine near at hand in the office is a very vital thing to achieve a consistent and productive document workflow. But buying a printing machine, either a laser printer, inkjet printer or multifunction peripheral, isn’t as easy as you think it is. There are certain factors you need to consider which will be able to help you pick the perfect printer unit that will suit your working environment and deliver your printing needs.

Here are those important factors:

Type of Printer

There are two basic types of printer you can find in the market, the single-unit printers which you usually see in office supplies store and the multifunction printers that offers not only printing features but also let it users scan, copy, fax and e-mail documents through the web. Single unit printers are ideal for home-offices or micro-offices while multifunction printers are very useful to meet the high demand medium-to-large businesses have.

The Unit Price

The price of the printer unit specifically depends on its printing technology. Inkjet printers cost lower than laser printers, so does single-unit printers from multi-function peripherals. Inkjet printers also provide a smaller unit compare to laser printers especially those large-producing multi-function laser peripherals from printer manufacturers like Lexmark, Konica-Minolta and the famous Xerox.

Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of ownership, on the other hand, relies on the electric components that are needed to be replaced to maintain the printer unit running. First, there are what we know as printer cartridges or printer consumables; laser printers use laser toner cartridges which are cost higher compared to inkjet cartridges that the inkjet printers use. On the other hand, though, laser toner cartridges have a higher page yield than inkjet cartridges.

Another thing about laser printers is that users need to replace their fusers and drum cartridges now and then when they tear down.

Print Job

So now you that have an idea to the price and on-going costs you might spend on the printer you’re considering, you should not forget to consider what type of printer will suite on the type of printing job you need to produce daily. Inkjet printers are perfect when it comes to printing images but entirely lacks when it comes to speed, that’s why this printer can be often seen as a personal printing machine. Laser printers, meanwhile, offer users high-quality printing output for text-based and graphics-based documents delivered at exceptional fast printing speed which makes it ideal for busy workgroups that are in need of a printing machine to produce high volume of documents under a short period.

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