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Why Consider Using Refurbished Copiers

If you’re planning to buy an office copier, you’ve probably heard of the term refurbished copiers as a cost-alternative option. Refurbished copiers are used units that are improved and revamped by certified technicians, so they work as good as brand new units. And when I say refurbished, this also means that the copier unit has been inspected, cleaned, re-engineered, and all damaged parts are replaced. These machines all then go under quality tests before being offered to a customer.

Aside from the fact that, refurbished machines also come with several benefits including the following:

It costs less.

Refurbished copiers are more affordable than purchasing a brand new machine. And since most of these refurbished machines have been available in the market for long, it's easier to get supplies at a much lower cost compared to newer models. This means it will be easier for you to stock up on its consumables, and save more money.

Quality wise, it works the same.

As long as you buy the unit from a trusted copier reseller, rest assured that you’re getting a quality-refurbished copier which works entirely the same as a brand new one. Just imagine how good of a deal you’re getting if you’d be able to get a copier unit with all the features and functionalities you can get from a new unit at half a price.

It usually comes with a service maintenance.

Certified resellers usually bundle up their refurbished copiers and multifunction printers with a service maintenance agreement. This ensures the customers that they will be a call away if ever the refurbished unit runs out of toners, malfunctioned, or encountered an error code. Maintenance services usually include labor, parts, supplies, and preventive maintenance.

It’s a smart investment.

Buying a refurbished machine is definitely a smart financial move especially for starting businesses. At a much lower price, a company can get a copier unit that already comes with a warranty and maintenance services which include consumables like toner cartridges. That’s a great deal than buying a new model at a higher price without the bundled service and consumables.

It's environment-friendly.

Last but not least, purchasing refurbished copiers promotes environment-friendliness. Every year, hundreds to thousands of copiers are sent into our landfills. The sad part is most of the materials used in a copier unit doesn’t compose over time. By opting to buy refurbished copiers, you’d be able to support companies that help the environment by recycling and restoring old copiers.


Just make sure that you’ll buy from a trusted and certified copier reseller like ABD Office Solutions.

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