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Why Should Your Business Invest in an Office Copier

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It’s 2019, and everything seems to run in digital. Everywhere you go, files are now stored and transferred through devices or the use of the cloud. But still, why do businesses still buy copiers or workgroup printers for their document workflow?

There are several factors as to why businesses still need office printers or copiers. For example, people sign contracts --- legal documents that won’t be considered legitimate if in the form of soft copies or digital files. In the first place, anyone can place a signature on a file with just a few clicks.

To further explain this point, we listed three of the main factors as to why entrepreneurs still invest in office copiers and printers for their businesses.



While there are offices who can completely go paperless in their workplace, there are businesses and offices who can’t apply this to their process. Let’s take law offices for examples, hard copies of contracts and legal documents are needed to serve as records. College and learning institutions are another example, professors and teachers still require their students to print their reports and paperwork. As long as there is a need for records, hard copies will always be needed.


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Like it was stated in the first bullet point, hard copies are seen as legitimate records. They also serve as backups if the system crashes or data has been breached. The problem with technology is that although it's easy to store files, everything you place as digital data can be corrupted if the system is infected by a virus. This is where hard copies come in handy. There is nothing better for record keeping than having paper documents stored in a safe place.


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Although many companies are trying to implement a paperless working environment, there are still plenty of reasons why keeping hard copies or physical copies of documents is necessary. Like what most people say, paperless is a hard concept to follow. You can lessen the number of documents you print, but nothing beats the importance of hard copies in a working environment where everything needs to be acknowledged.

In conclusion, the amount of printing has not decreased because content and information are more accepted in physical form than they are in digital. And with more content and information being available to us, the need for digital documents to be printed, scanned or copied increases in time.  And since this is a fact, it is important to make sure that you have the technology present to deliver your document workflow.

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